Jenny’s unhelpful thoughts

My dear visitors, I doubt you will be enlightened or edified by reading the posts below. You may even drop a few IQ points after reading them. But I hope you will be entertained.

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  1. Umm, just a query–you wouldn’t be Jenny Bennett who was once Jenny Bennett Hebb and with whom I once climbed (oh, well, maybe really just walked) in the Smokies with when we both lived in Knoxville, TN? Many years ago . . . The Jenny I knew wrote, and was involved with a news publication that had to do with coal (energy?) so maybe it could be you? Jenny I knew or not, luck w/ your book!

    Teresa M

    • Yes, it is the Jenny you remember from Knoxville! What a nice surprise to hear from you! It must be 25 years since we were in touch, but that’s the great thing about the Internet, that these connections can be picked up again. Thanks so much for visiting my site.

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